Single Parenting

Wikipedia has defined “single parenting” as a lone parent or sole parent, who cares for children without the need of assistance or help from another parent in the home. The actual legal definition which is usually based on the local laws of different countries and religion may vary.

We all know that single parenthood could occur as a result of many different things. Sometimes the reasons are simple, and sometimes it is the result of a complex set of circumstances and events. Whether you chose to be a single parent after a divorce, adoption or artificial insemination, or whether unforeseeable circumstances left you where you are, you have a tough but rewarding road ahead of you. While single parenthood may be difficult and challenging, it is our hope that you will find some tips and advice in the pages of this site that will move you forward on your journey in a positive manner.

The site is loaded with informative articles for every single parent. If you’re a new or recent single parent why not start off with one of the sections below:

Financial and Money Help

Grants and Loans Where to find grants, scholarships, loans and other financial assistance options available to single mothers and fathers.

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Assistance and Support

Single Parent Support How to find single parenting assistance, daycare help and support groups. Build a solid support structure for your family.

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Law and Legal Issues

Legal Issues Understand a single parent rights and get custody support information. Articles about adoption law and and other legal issues.

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Parenting Advice and Tips

General single parenting facts, statistics, advice and tips. Be the best parent you can be to your child or children.

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